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It’s the morning after your wedding night and you just had an amazing night of sex with the beautiful and voluptuous Natasha Nice.

Your insatiable new wife is crawling back into bed with you, ready for another round!

“I want to do it again,” she whispers in your ear before kissing you sweetly. “There’s that big cock that I love. It’s always so hard for me!”

She takes her top off and leans towards you. As she grabs your junk, it’s clear you’ve already started to get hard.

“Your dick feels so big,” she tells you. “I can’t wait to have you inside me again.”

She gets up and takes her underwear off, leaving just her stockings on that curvy body that you’ve been admiring quietly. She sits back in front of you and starts to masturbate for you.

“Do you see how wet my pussy is for you?” she asks while she puts it closer to you.

She can barely put her mouth around it; it’s too thick, but she sure tries hard. Natasha uses both hands to stroke it and puts both of your balls in her mouth. This is the happiest you’ve ever seen her.

“I don’t think I can wait any longer,” she confesses. “I need to feel your cock inside me.”

Climbing on top of you, the moans are immediately filling the room. She starts rubbing her clit while she fucks you. Before you even know, Natasha’s coming all over your dick, and this is just the beginning!

“Do you have any idea how good you just made me feel?”

“I wanna taste all my cum of your cock,” Natasha says before putting your dick in her mouth again. “Do you wanna taste?”

She leans over and kisses you before mounting you again and resume fucking you. “I want you to watch my ass bounce on it now,” she says while turning around to keep riding, and surely enough she comes all over you a second time.

Natasha spits on your dick again and tastes it. She slaps your dick against her nipples repeatedly.

Leaning on her back, she takes you back inside her, this time in a missionary position. You can see her all spread open for you. Her perky tits look amazing and she’s having the best time! She gets closer to orgasm for a third time and rubs her clit vigorously while you keep penetrating her. Watch her twitch in pure pleasure.

“I want it on my face so fucking bad,” she confesses. “I fantasize about you coming on my face every single night.”

Watch Natasha’s big natural titties bounce while you fuck her in virtual reality. This insatiable gorgeous babe will dirty talk her way into a mouthful of your cum, and whenever you’re ready, she’ll be game to go again.

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