Anal Sex to Save Your Job with Hot Boss Natalia Starr- BaDoink VR

Your boss, Natalia Starr, is ready to fire you for slacking off at work. You’ve shown up late once again, and she’s not having it anymore.

She asks you to have a seat and explains how your report was very disappointing. She hired you thinking you’d be fast and efficient, and now you’re on thin ice with her.

“I want to know,” Ms. Starr asks while sitting on her desk, “how are you going to make this up to me?”

Hot and bothered, Natalia takes off her jacket.

“I need you to fuck me in the ass,” she says matter-of-factly, “I need you to give me a dozen anal orgasms to prove that you can work for me.”

Natalia assures you this is not a joke, and that she will fire you otherwise. Her glance is stern, and only overpowered by her stunning see-through lingerie. She spreads her legs wide open.

“I need you give me your hard cock, fuck my tight asshole and fill it with your fucking cum.” she instructs you. “Can you fuck my ass?”

Natalia peels her panties to the side, and starts to touch herself.

“My pussy is so wet right now thinking of your hard cock entering my tight asshole, stretching it out.”

She continues rubbing her clit, then turns around to tease some of the main course. “You think you can walk around this office with that perfect little face and not fuck my ass?” she asks while fingering her own butthole.

It’s not just about her, though. You’re about to get a wonderful perk of this job.

“I want to indulge on your fucking balls,” she keeps saying. “I want to get lost in your shaft.”

Sitting on the couch, she pulls your pants down.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this big cock to enter my mouth,” she confesses before sucking the tip. “Mmm, it’s even better than I expected.”

Natalia sticks your dick in her warm mouth, and swirls her tongue all over it. She keeps her beautiful blue eyes on you the whole time. She jerks you off and sweetly kisses you.

Ms. Starr is an alpha female in real life, but she’s submissive in her sex life. She wants you to take over that tight ass and make it yours.

She straddles you and sticks it right in her tight pussy. Nice and slow at first, then gradually going faster.

“I’m the boss,” she reminds you while leaning back in delight. “You better fuck me right…like that…”

Natalia finally takes her bra off, letting those puppies loose and putting them right in your face as she leans in and whispers in your ear. “Make me quiver! Make me fucking come!”

“Baby, you’re spoiling me with that cock,” she says smiling after orgasm. “Are you ready for this ass?”

She turns around so you can enter her from behind. Backing up on your dick, she keeps going deeper, and she’s loving it…

You lay her on her desk to fuck her missionary, but still in tight little butt. You can do anything you want here. For these few minutes, you’re the boss. Turn her around again and bend her over, fucking her doggy all over her desk.

“Take that ass, baby,” she begs while coming again. “It’s yours.”

Give this gorgeous babe all the anal orgasms she asks for in this spectacular VR scene. Your job’s benefits are better than ever!

“You’re definitely not getting fired,” she reassures you while covered in cum. “We’re going to have this meeting every week.”