Banging Your Daughter’s Hot BFF Alexis Crystal – BaDoink VR

Your daughter’s BFF, Alexis Crystal, just showed up at your place looking for some earrings she lent her. She wants to look good for a party tonight, as she and her boyfriend just broke up. You let her come in and look for them calmly.

While she searches, Alexis finds an outfit she’d like to try, too, and she suggests to model it for you. She changes and comes out, looking as cute as ever, but for some reason she doesn’t feel like she is. She talks herself down and is ready to leave, but you stop her. You tell her just how pretty you think she is.

Alexis perks up, blushing a bit, and gets comfortable enough to tell you a little secret, and makes you promise not to tell your daughter. She leans in.

“I like real men,” she whispers in your ear. “Like you.” She kisses you sweetly and encourages you to join her in bed.

Alexis lays you down and starts grinding on you slowly, softly rubbing on your junk from outside the pants as she drops her top off. You see those perky little tits pointing right at you while she unbuttons your shirt off and kisses your chest.

“Can I call you Daddy?” she asks, sliding her hand inside her panties. Let’s face it, at this point she can call you whatever she wants. She pulls your pants down and diligently starts sucking your dick.

“I love your cock, Daddy,” she says in between moments of stuffing it down her throat.

“Do you want to see me touching my pussy?” she asks, and happily climbs on top of you, resting on her hands back and pulling her panties to the side. Alexis begins to rub that clit, breathing heavily and loving your eyes on her.

She knows you want a taste, too; she can see it. Alexis puts that little kitty right in front of you so you can bury your face in it. “Oh, Big Daddy!” she moans. “Lick me like that!”

You’re getting her way too horny now. “I want you to fuck me so bad!” she confesses. She takes that underwear off and turns around so you can see that tight little booty bounce as she fucks you in a reverse cowgirl position.

Alexis calls herself a bad girl, repeatedly, and slaps her own butt-cheek so you can watch it. She wants you to discipline her some. The bed is creaking as she keeps riding you.

“Come here,” she says from the other side of the bed, spreading her legs wide open so you can fuck her missionary.

“I want you to come in my pussy, Daddy!” she begs as you pound her, with her holding her legs back so you can penetrate her deeper and deeper.

When you blow your load on her, she’s quick to try it with her fingers and lick it off them. “So tasty!” she says, grateful for the experience.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she says with a smile. “You were great!”

Get your VR goggles and fuck this gorgeous petite blonde in virtual reality. This is your own little secret now.


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