Banging Lexi Belle Poolside with a Strap-On (Female POV) – BaDoink VR

Ahhh the wonders of Female POV! For this scene, you’re inside of Alana Cruise’s body while you watch your lesbian lover Lexi Belle from Alana’s point of view.

You’re sunbathing by the pool when a fully naked Lexi comes along, reminding you that there’s a no clothes policy in her house. That bikini needs to come right off, and Lexi’s here to eagerly help you with that.

“Do you want to get naughty?” she asks softly in your ear while she removes your top. She straddles you and whispers: “Don’t worry, they can’t see us.”

“Did you miss my pussy?” she asks while turning around and giving you an extreme close up of it. She puts two fingers inside it and rubs her clit for your viewing pleasure. “I want more!”

Back in college you used to wear a strap-on for her. Lexi would really like re-enact those times right here by the pool.

“Do you want to fuck me really hard with a strap-on?” she teases. “I want to sit on your cock and come all over it.”

“I don’t care if the gardeners see us,” she tells you confidently. “I want to put on a show for them and show them how I really take cock.”

Lexi helps you put on the strap-on and begins to suck the dick. This is turning you on, and you can see your own nipples getting harder. Her lipstick is smearing all over that dildo and she gags on it with pleasure. Even the helicopters flying around are getting Lexi hornier, in the hopes they can also see you.

She’s not afraid to get sloppy, and all that spit just makes it easier to tittyfuck her. “Can you tell how fucking cock hungry I am right now?” she asks. “How bad I want it?”

“I can’t take it anymore,” she confesses as she’s too turned on. “I need to sit on it.”

Lexi can feel you deep inside her while she rides you hard. She’s facing away from you, but turns slightly so you can see her pretty face and perky nipples.

“Oh God, I’m taking all of that fucking dick,” she moans. “I just want to fuck you and make myself come!”

Lexi rocks back and forth on that dick while facing you now. She slaps your tits while you see hers bouncing uncontrollably. You’re making her orgasm again and she’s in fucking heaven right now.

“You like watching me taking all of that fucking cock, don’t you?” Lexi lets out. “Rub that dick on my soaking wet clit!”

“Right there! You’re going to make me cum again!” she warns while she climaxes on top of you.

Lexi likes tasting her own pussy on that dildo. She licks every inch of it, feeling all of her juices, before turning around so you can fuck her doggystyle.

“Please, spank my ass,” she begs as you comply and grab tightly onto that booty. She rocks her pussy hard on your dick, while getting more worked up with every thrust. “Oh my God, I’m going to come again!

Lexi wants more, and she lays on her back so you can bang her missionary. She plays with her hair with one hand and her clit with the other one.

“Do you want me to come for you?” she asks while sitting up slightly and making full eye contact. “You know I want your cum all over me, right? I want your cum so bad!”

You squirt a big load of white stuff on her and Lexi rubs it around her body.

“I’m going to get cleaned up,” she lets you know. “And then I’m going to fuck you with the strap-on.”

Now, relax by the pool! You’re going to need all your energy for Round Two.


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