Banging Lonely Housewife Keisha Grey While Husband’s Away – BaDoink VR

Keisha Grey is a lonely housewife whose husband is away on business trips often. You sympathize with her situation, and why not help a kind soul in need? Especially when that soul inhabits a body like Keisha’s!

She wastes no time to join you in bed. She’s been really unsatisfied with her spouse, and you’re here to fix all of that.

“Look at the size of that dick,” she whispers in your ear, marvelled at its sight.

“I really want a taste of what’s between those legs,” she confesses and leans over to your ear again to whisper. “I love how your cock feels in my hands.”

She waits for your permission to take your boxers off then immediately digs in. Stroking with both hands, Keisha leads the head into her mouth. She pushes her hair back and enjoys your cock down her throat.

Keisha sucks on your balls slowly, then spits on your dick to give it some more moisture. She takes her bra off to show her natural tits and leans in to guide your cock in between them.

“You like feeling these soft, wet, fat titties all over your fucking cock?” she asks, then comes close to your ear to whisper. “I want to feel you inside of me.”

“Fuck, I’ve never felt something so big!” You’re stretching that pussy and she’s loving it.

She leans in again, putting her boobs right on your face. “You’re gonna make me come so fast,” she warns you.

Keisha turns around, then keeps riding you in a reverse cowgirl position. Her ass keeps bouncing off your dick and she’s having the time of her life.

After she comes once, she goes a bit slower, recuperating but also grinding even more intensely.

“It feels so good,” she confesses. “Feeling every inch of that dick in.”

She lets you know it’s your turn to take over, so you lay her on her back and keep pushing.

“Look how fucking wet I am for you,” she says. She keeps rubbing her clit and moaning harder every time. As she pulls her legs back, you can see yourself going balls deep inside her.

“Keep jackhammering me like that,” she begs. “You’re gonna make me fucking come again!”

She holds her feet way up high and revels in her orgasm as you inch closer to coming yourself. You watch her shaking as she takes your load all over her bush.

“It’s so much better than my husband’s,” she says. Watch Keisha lick the cum off her fingers.


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