Banging Your Hot Slutty Stepsister Kristy Black – BaDoink VR

Let’s face it, your stepsister Kristy Black, is very hot. Ever since your mother married her dad you’ve been fantasizing about her. Your own girlfriend is cute, but not like this — which Kristy would agree with.

It seems her dad took her car last night, leaving her bored with nothing to do. It also appears the two of you are stuck together at home now. So maybe you should make the best of the situation.

Wasting no time to trash your girlfriend, Kristy takes some initiative right away. “Maybe while we’re stuck here together,” she says standing in front of you. “I can show you what is better for you.” She pulls her dress up and shows you her spectacular ass.

“Do you want to see my pussy?” Kristy asks while pulling her panties to the side and rubbing her clit. “I’m starting to be quite horny. What about you?”

Pulling the top of her dress down, she reveals her perky tits before kneeling in front of you. “I really want to suck your cock.”

Kristy’s impressed at the size of your dick, and immediately starts licking and sucking.

Leaning in to kiss you, you can feel the intimacy growing as she gets more and more turned on. “I want your cock in my pussy,” she whispers in your ear. “I love it. I love your cock.”

Kristy turns around and sits on your dick in a reverse cowgirl position, pounding on it, progressively going faster… until she edges you a bit.

She likes to tease you. Blowing you a little bit more before straddling you again, facing you this time. “It feels so great in my pussy!” she moans while perky tits bounce slightly in front of you.

Laying her down on the couch, you take control. “I want more of this,” Kristy begs before you resume thrusting hard inside her. You hold her by the ankles as she rubs her clit. Her moans are getting louder now. She’s about to come. She explodes into climax and shakes all through her entire body, leaving her with a satisfied smile.

“I want you to fuck me doggystyle now.” You comply, of course, and have no mercy on that big ass. Pound away all you want, pull her hair and feel your cock as deep as it gets in there.

Watch this petite European brunette in having her way with you in virtual reality. They say family comes first, and that’s hard to argue with when you see Kristy swallow every drop of your cum.


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