Bathroom Sex with Hot Blonde Tiffany Watson – BaDoink VR

You hit it off with hot blonde Tiffany Watson at the club and you’re both flirting. A bit later, she goes to the bathroom and you follow her.

As she comes out of the stall, she seems surprised yet definitely excited to see you there.

“I knew you were a little perverted at the dance floor,” she says while playing with her hair.  But I didn’t know this perverted.”

Tiffany comes closer and whispers in your ear: “I want to put my lips tightly around your cock.” She kisses you and takes her dress off for you.

Her blue eyes are stunning, especially when she kneels and they’re looking at you from there. Tiffany sticks your cock way down her throat.

“You like the way I suck that cock?” she whispers in your ear. “I feel it throbbing in my hand.”

She lays you down on the floor, and this way she can really deepthroat. Watch your cock disappear down her face.

Tiffany wants you to show you that pussy now, so she puts it right on your face. It’s so wet her hand can’t even stay on it. You can hear her juices as she fingers herself, but she needs you inside her right now!

She climbs on top and takes you all the way in. She’s losing her balance, but it doesn’t matter. Tiffany’s entire body looks incredible from here. Her legs are wide open and you can see yourself coming in and out of the juicy pussy.

She turns around so you can see her tight little booty. You’re making her come now and you can feel all the vibrations of her body.

Tiffany sits on the sink, showing you her pretty pussy again before jumping back on you. You’re getting closer to coming, and she gives you the sign that she’s ready to take all your load.

“I’m very greedy,” she says while kneeling down. Give it all to me!”

Fully covered in jizz, this cute petite blonde is ready for the dancefloor once more. There are no limits to this girl’s moves!


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