The Best St. Paddy’s Sex Dream with Lilyan Red

While your Spanish girlfriend is showing you her sexy St. Patrick’s Day outfit, she happens to catch some incriminating sexting from a random girl. Now, she may start yelling, but luckily in the VR porn universe, you can always tune out.

This, my friend, is your sex dream sequence; and in your dream sequence, your girlfriend’s hot temper is manifested in much more pleasing ways.

The beautiful Lilyan Red is not only not mad at you about it, but she’s very turned on by the busty brunette’s picture on your phone. “Maybe sometime we can call her and do a threesome,” she suggests in Spanish.

Lilyan climbs on the desk, pulls her green skirt up and spreads her legs for you. She’s not wearing panties, and is not shy to tell you — and most importantly, show you — how wet she is.

“You know what I’d like to do?” Lilyan asks in Spanish again. “Suck your dick.” Without needing any more encouragement she gets it out of your pants and begins to blow you. But just for a little bit, because all Lilyan wants right now is to feel that big cock inside her.

The view from your terrace is spectacular, but nowhere near as good as a spread up Lilyan asking you to fuck her harder.

She then invites you to get more comfortable on the couch. All you need to do today is lay back and relax. Lilyan may not be Irish, but this hot ginger is about to give you the best St. Paddy’s you’ve ever had.

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