Blondie Fesser Bakes You Cookies, You Supply the Cream – BaDoink VR

Voluptuous babe Blondie Fesser is wearing a short polka dot dress and baking you delicious cookies. That may seem just like a perfect 1950s housewife, but while they bake in the oven, Blondie’s ready to get messy in the kitchen on a whole new level!

She cheerfully adds the ingredients into a big bowl, and narrates the process for you. She puts them in the oven and you can see her beautiful butt just dying to get out of that short little dress she’s wearing.

“We have to wait about 40 minutes now.” Blondie warns you with a flirty voice. “So I was thinking about doing something else. Maybe show you a little bit…”

She climbs on the kitchen counter and massages her big boobs from outside her dress. “It’s so hot in here,” she says. “I don’t know if it’s the oven or that I’m feeling a little bit horny right now.”

Blondie takes her massive titties out for you, sucks on her finger and — pulling her panties to the side — gets that wet finger right on her clit. “You wanna see more?” she asks. “I have more to show you.”

She turns around and starts fingering herself from behind. Then she gets off the counter and kneels in front of you on the floor, ready to suck your dick. She’s so happy when she pulls down your pants. “It’s so big,” she says as she jerks it off. “Can I taste it, baby?”

Blondie’s not shy, and she deep-throats the shit out of your cock. She gives you a “come hither” sign and opens up in front of you, right on the counter, so you can fuck her tight pussy. “It feels so big inside!”

You pull out just for a second to tease her, and she loves this. You play around it. Blondie smiles and says “Oh yeah, rub that cock on my clit,” right before you penetrate her again. Giving it to her like she asks you to.

Blondie turns around, with one leg up on the counter and lets you take her from behind. You thrust vigorously, watching her fine big booty move with each time you hit it.

She wants you to be comfortable, too. “Let’s go to the floor,” she says while she lays you down and takes over. She sucks your dick some more to prepare it for her pussy again. She jerks it off, getting her face closer to you and whispering, “I want to taste your lips.” She leans forward to make out with you. You can feel her getting more intimate with you, right before getting back on that dick and riding it.

You stare at those huge natural tits bouncing as she fucks you. “I wanna feel every inch of your cock,” she says while she comes on your dick.

Whenever you’re closer, Blondie will her wrap her double Ds around your cock as you jizz all over those huge titties. She brings the cookies, you just need to provide the cream…

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