British Babe Brook Logan Does a Sex Toy Show Just For You – BaDoink VR

Young British redhead Brook Logan is housesitting for you while you’re away this summer. You left a nanny cam to check on her, and it’s quite a pleasant surprise to see her walk around in lingerie.

Brook, however, is smarter than you thought and she spots the camera while talking on the phone. “I’ll show you how I’m going to play,” she warns you.

She puts the nanny cam on the couch and speaks candidly. “You’re such a dirty pervert, aren’t you?” she asks fully aware of the situation. “I know you’ve been dying to see my young, perky, tight, little body.”

“I really want to tease you so bad and get that cock nice and hard,” she teases while flashing her amazing natural boobs. “Look at these perky little tits straight in your face.”

“Maybe you’d like to see me play with my pussy,” she suggests while putting a hand down her panties. She rubs her clit and moans for you, getting more turned on by the second. “Keep wanking that cock, I love it when you wank that cock, you bad man!”

Brook has more surprises, though! She’s been going through your wife’s wardrobe and found her dildo. The best part of it is that she’s not afraid to use it either. She licks the side of it, thinking about you.

“How much would you love these lips around your cock?” she asks. “Imagine me being your filthy little slut and sucking on that nice throbbing cock.”

“Stroke it really fast for me, please” she begs. “I want you to wank it really hard until you explode for me.”

Brook turns the camera off and resumes in a different position. She’s now laying on her back on the carpet. Turns out she found yet another sex toy in your wife’s laundry.

“Now in this position I can fuck myself with it,” she says excitedly. “I can’t wait to get that inside my wet horny pussy.”

Brook licks it all nice and wet before turning it on and sticking it in. The vibrating sound is already making her hornier and her eyes roll as soon as it enters her.

“Grab my perky little tits while that cock is inside me,” she moans. “Go on, make me come right now! I’m coming, I’m coming…”

After a powerful orgasm, Brook informs you that she has found yet another of your wife’s toys. This one’s an actual full-size plastic body with a hard dick, so you can pretend it’s you from the POV. It’s even wearing a t-shirt of yours and it smells like you, which turns her on way more.

Brook turns around and begins to ride it in a reverse cowgirl position. You can see her big ass throbbing as she fucks you. “I love that big hard dick sliding in my pussy,” she lets out.

She turns around to face you and you can see those perky tits bouncing while she rides. Brook is breathing heavily and getting closer to orgasm again.

“Pound me! Pound that pussy!” she begs through loud moaning. “Make me come all over that cock again!”

After climaxing, Brook acknowledges it’s your turn.

“I want your cum so bad,” she confesses as she pictures you jerking off to this. “Give me your big, big load.”

Brook would like this to happen soon when you’re both in the same place. In the meantime, you got this video to keep you very warm.


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