BadoinkVR Theater Mode

BadoinkVR’s New Hands-Free Theater Mode

It's been a persistent cliché since Minority Report was released back in 2002 that the future of computer interfacing would require a Nintendo PowerGlove and floating holograms. Even 15 years later that promise of a better more ergonomic approach to navigating software and operating consumer electronics remains science fiction. And let's be honest, what's the point of pinching and zooming empty air when you're wearing a VR headset? Nobody wants to look like a blind conductor when the girlfriend walks in. The future lies in hands-free navigation; it's as simple as that. Luckily, we at BaDoinkVR aren't in the business of promising innovation, we deliver.

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Sony PSVR Porn

VR Porn Videos Now Available On Your PSVR

Good news for Sony PlayStation owners! Littlstar, a VR content distribution platform and one of the few VR video players currently available on the PlayStation Store, announced support for external videos (before it didn’t). What does it mean for our beloved subscribers? It means, that now you can enjoy our VR videos on your PS4. PSVR...

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Playstation VR PRon

BaDoink VR porn videos on PS4

Trends with Benefits Let’s be honest here for a second; “Batman Arkham VR” is not the only reason you’re thinking about hooking up the PlayStationVR system to your PS4. When VHS came out, we used it to watch porn. We did the same thing with DVDs, Blu-Rays, our first iPhone and tablet computers and we’re...

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T-Mobile’s New Service Allows Unlimited Porn Streaming

Binging on videos is probably one of the biggest everyday pleasures of today’s culture. Of course, if you’re trying to access those videos on your phone, it’ll regularly depend on your monthly data plan. You would need a separate special service otherwise. Well, on Tuesday, T-Mobile announced an option — properly named Binge On —...

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CNBC and Re/Code on BaDoink’s Free VR Goggles

CNBC and its partner, technology news site Re/code, can definitely recognize a savvy marketing move when they see one. As the leading company in virtual reality porn, BaDoink took a step towards introducing many potential customers to their exclusive content by offering free VR headsets to the public. The headsets are modeled on Google Cardboard, and would...

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VICE/Motherboard Go Behind the Scenes on a BaDoink VR Porn Shoot

When it comes to behind-the-scenes pieces, it’s hard to beat a porn shoot (pun strongly unintended!) After receiving an invitation from BaDoink CEO Todd Glider, Vice/Motherboard writer DJ Pangburn attended a BaDoinkVR shoot at a five-story Hollywood Hills mansion, effectively recreating his own Big Lebowski moment. While naked people were about to have sex on...

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WIRED Germany on People’s Reactions to BaDoink’s VR Porn

WIRED Germany reported on BaDoinkVR’s viral video, in which people in the streets of San Francisco are shown virtual reality porn for the first time. “Everyone is talking about it, hardly anyone has seen it: Virtual Reality Porn,” WIRED relayed on their German site. “And because companies can hardly wait to get a large amount...

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Watch Real People Experiencing BaDoink Virtual Reality Porn for the First Time

San Francisco has a long background in the adult industry. From the Mitchell Brothers to’s infamous Armory, the Bay Area has hosted many of the most important moments in porn’s history, so it’s only fair that BaDoinkVR — and what many are calling “the future of porn” — got a little test drive in the...

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