Closing the Deal with Gorgeous Businesswoman Angel Piaff – BaDoink VR

You’ve already found another company to be in business with, but when a hot European blonde like Angel Piaff has a pitch for you, you want to take the meeting. She needs this deal in order to get a big promotion, and she’s willing to do just about anything for you to sign with her.

Angel smiles, fully aware of her next move, and places a hand on your leg, moving it slowly towards your dick.

“Tell me what you want,” she whispers in your ear.

She leans back on the couch and pulls up her skirt. “I can show you more if you want,” she says.

Angel takes her panties off and begins to masturbate, breathing heavily. “I will show you my ass, okay?” she informs you as she turns around. She fingers her pussy and butthole, panting while her beautiful eyes are on you the whole time. Angel stand up to show you her lovely perky tits and smiles.

“First I must kiss you,” she says before sweetly doing so. “And now I must kiss your penis.”

Angel gets on her knees and keeps her eyes on you while she takes your manhood down her throat.

“Now, my pussy is your pussy,” she says while laying on her back so you can fuck her missionary.

Angel moans and twitches on the couch as she gets closer to orgasm. She’s always been direct with you, and sex is no different in that sense.

She turns around so you can fuck her from behind. You both love how deep inside you’re going now and she backs into that dick with enthusiasm.

Angel lays you down on the couch and kisses you once again. This time is her turn to ride you. You can see her pleasured expressions as she lets you enter her and her perky boobs are right in your face.

Whenever you’re ready, Angel will get on her knees and suck your dick until she takes a big load of your jizz all over her beautiful mouth.

Watch this babe in virtual reality; her tight pussy literally awaits for you in the bargaining table. Watch her swallow your cum as you both close the deal in your own ways. This woman surely deserves to have your business!


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