Come Inside Nikki Litte’s Private Party – BaDoink VR

You’re in the bathroom at a club, when the very hot Nikki Litte stumbles in, asking for a lighter in Spanish. You can tell she’s been partying a bit much and she’s looking for a more private place.

Nikki sees you standing there, stoically, and she gets a different craving. This may be a smoke-free area, but that won’t discourage Nikki from taking something phallic in her mouth. She immediately puts her cigarette down and approaches you, brushing her hand on your chest on her way to getting on her knees.

Nikki’s blowjob is a thing of beauty. You can still hear the music and people in the background, and the fact anyone could walk in at any moment is actually getting her hornier.

She stands up and walks towards the wall. This place is like a cave, and she leans on the rock wall, waiting for you take her from behind. Still in her dress, you simply pull her panties to the side and start fucking her.

But Nikki wants you to let her have some control, too. She moves back up and sweetly asks in Spanish, “Do you wanna go to a more comfortable place?”

Nikki lays you down over a mat and climbs on top of you. She begins by jerking you off and rubbing your dick all over her tits. Her eyes are on you the whole time, she wants to watch you enjoying her before letting you back in that warm pussy, which she does soon enough.

She pulls her tits out of her dress and licks them, while rubbing her clit, all for your visual pleasure. When you get too turned on, Nikki’s ready to turn around and let your cock inside once more, this time showing you that amazing big booty, as she rides it hard so you can see all that jelly shake.

Whenever you’re ready, Nikki’s lips are here to suck all of that cum out of you. The beat goes on outside, but this is the party you want to be in.

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