Come Over For Emma’s Anal Playdate

A playdate at Emma’s big house is always fun. You came for the amenities, but stayed for the anal sex!

“Hey,” Emma says from the top floor while you’re laying on the couch, “One minute.” The anticipation builds up as her steps can be heard down the stairs. She walks towards you with a smile and a huge will to please.

Emma lifts her skirt to tease you with her big booty, then takes off her top to reveal her perky little boobs. She runs her hands through her whole body and, pulling her panties to the side, she wraps her legs around you and begins to finger herself. You can hear her wet pussy as she contorts with pleasure over you.

Taking her underwear off, Emma turns around, licks her fingers and puts them in her butthole, showing exactly where she wants you to put your big dick in. She can feel how hard this is making you, so she removes your pants and starts sucking your cock.

Balancing her weight on the living room table, Emma leans back and starts riding you. All you can hear under her moaning is her dripping pussy juices and the leather of the couch as she moves on top of you.

But this is just the appetizer. Turning around, she squats down on your dick and guides it inside her asshole. Let’s face it: This is why you’re here.

She wants you to take the reins, so she bends over the table as you stand up and keep banging her doggystyle. Fuck that tight little butthole all you want; Emma’s ready to lick the last drop of cum off your dick.

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