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Cunt-Li Finishes You Off in Street Fucker – BaDoink VR

Virtual reality porn and gaming share more than a few things in common — not to mention an audience. So if you’re one of the millions of people who always wanted to see a lot more of Chun-Li in the flesh, this scene is definitely for you!

The outcome of your first fight is really not important. All you need to know is that on this second round, transformed into the appropriately named Cunt-Li, she doesn’t sound so interested in fighting. That, however, doesn’t mean she’s not craving a lot of action. As it turns out, that pussy might be her strongest body part yet.

With you laying down on the mat, she crawls towards you and gets your dick out of that kimono and into her mouth, alternating between some nice deep-throating and stroking your manhood.

She climbs on top, facing away from you. She would like to show you that ass, and tease you while she fingers herself. You see her getting worked up and hear her pussy juices as she keeps masturbating for you. At one point she lifts her right leg, so you can see her face in the background as she comes all over you, while she jerks you off with her right hand.

Cunt-Li then shows you that athleticism that once got her known as the strongest woman in the world. Without missing a beat, she keeps fingering herself as she stands up with her legs to your sides, bending over her whole body, and she starts sucking you off with no hands. You hold her ankles to keep her balanced and watch your own dick disappear in her mouth as her dripping pussy is opened on top, teasing what’s expecting you in just a few minutes.

She gets on top again, this time letting you penetrate her. She lifts her top so you can see her tits bouncing as you fuck that tight wet pussy. She can feel you getting closer after so much teasing, so she unmounts to keep sucking you off.

Get your VR goggles on and let her finish you off in a whole different way. Cunt-Li is not interested in kicking your ass; she just wants to swallow all of your load while she looks straight into your eyes.

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