Dirty Talking Blonde at Your Door for Surprise Sex Party – BaDoink VR

Naughty blonde Nikki Delano was on her way to a TupperSex party — sex toys at hand, and horny as fuck. The only problem? She arrived at the wrong house! Embarrassed as she may have been, when she laid eyes on our POV, Nikki’s more than ready to start a sex party of her own.

Coming on to this guy, Nikki knows that right now this is definitely the place to be. She gets on her knees and with no hesitation pulls our POV’s dick out and starts sucking it. She devours it, too, with a lot of spit and going as deep as she can.

“I’m a freaky girl,” she admits in between stuffing your cock down her throat, “I go to random houses and fuck random guys.”

And boy, are you lucky she showed up here! She takes your dick and slaps her big titties with it while she keeps talking dirty to you. She turns around and lets you inside her.

You begin pounding that ass from behind, right against your door, and she just keeps asking for more. “In and out of that sweet little pink pussy, baby!”

She knows this is a big house, so she suggests taking this party to a more comfortable outdoors-y location. You go poolside and she lays you down, but she wants to tease you a little before fucking you again. She comes close to your ear and whispers just how much she wants your hard throbbing cock inside her pink juicy pussy. Picture Nikki nibbling your ear and licking your neck while she keeps stroking you and talking as filthy you’d want her to. “I want that hard cock between my big juicy titties,” Nikki says before wrapping your dick with her massive boobs.

But Nikki wants you to know she tastes sweet, too! She turns around and puts her pussy a lot closer to you, opening up its lips for you to enjoy it. Dig in and taste every bit of Nikki’s tight pussy; she rubs her clit while your tongue gets way in there. Lick that delicious pussy and watch her build up into a powerful orgasm.

But… all of a sudden.. a dude walks in. It seems you’ve been caught red-handed! This is the real owner of the house, and while he’s pissed about strangers fucking in here, he’s not crazy enough to kick a girl like Nikki out.

You may be worried about this situation, but don’t be! Soon enough we resume exactly where we were, only this time in the other guy’s POV. She loves this new cock of yours even better! And hey, how often do you get to have a dick upgrade? Ahh, the wonders of VR!

She finally puts you inside her, and that pussy’s somehow tighter than the first time. Nikki rides you hard until you’re close to coming. She wants to taste all of your jizz, so she jacks you off with both hands, a lot of spit and even more dirty talk.

Whenever you’re ready, you give her the money shot. Lay back and watch Nikki hungrily suck it all off of her fingers and lick the rest off of your body. She shows you all your load inside her mouth and swallows it.

This is certainly the best party she could have hoped for!

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