Dr. Dillion Harper Tries Sexual Therapy in Last Session – BaDoink VR

You’ve been seeing Dr. Dillion Harper for a few years now, and this is the last therapy session you’ll have with her. She reminds you, though, that in your time working with her, the one thing you’ve never covered is the release of physical stress.

Dr. Harper wants to rid all of your anxiety, so to help you relax she starts taking her own clothes off first. She rubs her body against yours and reminds you that you don’t have to hold anything back in here.

Straddling you, she reveals those natural D cups for you and leans forward. “Do you like that?” she whispers on your ear. “Suck on my titties.”

Dillion wants to make this last session memorable for you. She stands up, takes off her panties and sits right back on you.

“Do you want me to show you what I do when you’re not here?” she asks with one hand on her clit. She’s dry humping you now while she starts taking all of your clothes off too.

As soon as she sees your dick, she knows she has to taste it. She goes for it immediately, with more passion than you’ve ever seen her show for anything.

“I’m gonna suck every bit of stress out of this dick!”

And she does! She deepthroats it all, getting hornier by the second. She wants that cock inside her and she wants it now.

In a reverse cowgirl position, Dr. Harper takes it all in. That perfect ass of hers running smoothly around your big member.

“Your therapist fucks you so good!” she adds while you watch those butt cheeks jiggle.

You lay her on the couch you’ve fantasized about her through so many sessions and enjoy that tight pussy in missionary.

“Want me touch my titties while you fuck me like that?” she asks with one hand on her boob and another one rubbing her clit. She’s getting closer to orgasm, shaking uncontrollably while you pound her. You go deeper and she’s losing her mind…

After she comes, she goes back to taking care of your needs, as she always has. “Now it’s time for you to sit back and relax,” she says. “Enjoy the final release.”

Dr. Harper rides you again, this time facing you so you can see her big tits bouncing. Dillion is coming again and she gets louder than you’ve ever heard her. You see the sweat dripping off her boobs while she screams. She’s ready to take that big load of yours and when you give it to her, she licks it all off.

“You’re all cured now,” she says with your cum still dripping off her lips. “Ready to go into the real world.”

You can’t be all that certain, though, so might as well book another appointment just to be sure!


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