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When you’re married to a girl that looks and has the sex drive of Tori Black, going to work seems pretty inconvenient. Lucky for you, Tori’s willing to do a private little show so you can jerk it at the office and know exactly what awaits for you when you get home.

Sometimes when you go to work, she gets really lonely, so she figured today you two could play. “When I think about you my pussy starts to twitch,” Tori says as she leans in to kiss you. “You like my mouth, don’t you baby? Can you feel it on you when you close your eyes? My long warm tongue just wrapped around you?

She takes one shoe off first, and asks you to start licking right there, way up her long leg, past her inner thigh… Tori shaved her pussy just for you, and she wants you to taste all of its sweetness.

She pulls her nipples out of her bra, and gets one close to your mouth so you can suck on it. She lets you play with yourself, but not too fast yet. “You don’t get to come until I do,” she teases. “You know the rules.”

Slowly but finally, Tori pulls her panties down, and leaves them hanging by her feet, so you can smell them if you want, and before you know it, she stuffs her underwear in her mouth, showing you just much she can fit in there.

Tori pushes her pussy right up front and asks you to stroke your cock just a little bit faster, while she warms that pussy for you. She wants to give you a lip job. What’s that, you ask? “I’ll stroke your cock with my fat pussy lips.” Tori says while she keeps playing with her clit.

“Now that you’re nice and hard, I think you should slide into my mouth, daddy,” she says while taking out a big pink dildo. “What do you think? Are you ready to fuck my face?”

She gets even closer to you, sucking on the dildo while looking straight into your eyes. Feel the back of her throat as she keeps eye contact and gets hornier. She’s even teasing herself too much at this point, so she sticks her dildo right in that tight pussy, showing you as she keeps giving you instructions on how to jerk it. She wants you to give it to her faster, and she puts her pussy a lot closer to your face so you can see everything.

“I’m not ready for you to come yet,” she warns you. “You still have to bend me over.” With Tori on all fours, you can dig in that fucking pussy, pound it as hard as you want. Watch her bounce on top of that dick, getting deeper and deeper.

“Make sure that nice it’s nice and wet like this fucking pussy,” she says while stroking the dildo. “You’re gonna give me a nice big load in my pretty little face,” she begs. “Make me dirty, daddy.”

Watch the very sexy Tori in virtual reality as she dirty talks her way into one of the hottest JOI scenes you’ll ever see. “See you after work,” she says while licking your virtual cum. It’s going to be a great night for you!

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