Getting Assh Off with a Warning in Police POV – BaDoink VR

Role playing is not only for the girls on VR porn. On this scene, from the POV of a police officer, you’ve given the drunk-driving Assh Lee a ride back home, and as she’s behaving well, you’re kind enough to let her out of her handcuffs and off with a warning.

Assh is thankful about it, and makes sure to let you know in her sexy Spanish accent. But getting her car keys back may not be as easy; if she wants them back, she’s gonna need to look for them inside your pants. Thankfully, Assh is more than eager to find them. She undoes your pants and takes your cock in her mouth right away.

Taking her top off, Ashh shows you those big tits, massaging them herself while she continues to blow you. She sucks you off in different positions, but without letting go — it’s like she’s in a rotisserie and your dick is holding her up to the flames.

Assh comes up to face you, spread open on top of the counter. She pulls her panties to the side and lets you inside her warm pussy. She loves your cock, and she’s not at all shy to tell you so — both in English and Spanish.

She turns to the side, so you can keep fucking her while those thick thighs wrap tightly around you. Assh loves to talk dirty, and she wants to tell you a lot more about what she’s got planned for you. She invites you over to lay on the kitchen counter and let her take over.

“Am I good girl, or a bad girl?” she asks, before answering that question herself through a more than convincing blowjob. She keeps teasing you, while she licks the head of your dick and asks you to be a bad cop.

Turning around, she shows you her stunning big ass while she fingers herself. You can hear the juices dripping out of her soaking pussy, before shaking those cheeks around you. She can’t tease you anymore. She needs you inside her, and she’ll ride that dick until you’re ready to come.

Fuck this hot curvy babe as she sucks and tittyfucks all the jizz out of you. The law is not the only thing you’re about to lay down.

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