Getting Familiar with Slutty Stepsister Megan Rain – BaDoink VR

You’re on a beach holiday with the new family. But when your stepsister looks like Megan Rain and she walks in on you with that bikini… let’s just say things get accidentally harder. She came in to complain about her mom being controlling, but when Megan notices your boner she’s actually quite impressed and turned on.

“You know, I always thought you had a big dick,” she confesses. “It’s kinda hot.”

The pool can definitely wait now, as she measures your junk through your shorts. She takes her top off, showing her perfectly perky boobs, then straddles you.

“I can feel your cock getting harder and harder,” Megan tells you while dry-humping you. She pulls her underwear up to show her pussy, and she puts a finger inside. “It’s so wet in there. I bet you want to feel, huh?” She guides your thumb to her clit. “You feel that warm pussy on your thumb?”

Megan wants to put on a show for you, and she does just that by taking her bottom off and putting that ass and pussy close to you while she fingers herself. She puts up to three fingers in there — just keeping it warm for you.

“Mmm, I can feel that dick still nice and hard under me,” she says as she gets off you, taking your shorts off, and putting her face up close to it. “I bet it tastes yummy.”

Megan sucks dick wonderfully, and she keeps her beautiful blue eyes fixated on you as she takes you down her throat.

“Look at that,” she points out. “Both my hands can fit on your big, fat, juicy cock.” She takes it right back in her mouth.

“I wanna sit on this dick already,” she confesses, barely containing her lust. She gets on top and begins to ride it, first leaning back, then getting closer so you can feel her heavy breathing close to you.

She stands up with her feet to your sides and bends over to suck your dick in that position, giving you a perfect view of her pussy. You can sit up and lick that if you want to. And of course you want to!

She sits back on it, this time in a reverse cowgirl position. You can see that tight little booty bouncing on your dick.

“Will you come fuck me now,” she begs with her legs wide opened, ready for you in missionary. “This is what I’ve always wanted, for you to fuck me, and make me come.”

Megan gets on her knees for you, asking you to fuck her faster while she’s in all fours. She takes it deep and hard. She comes all over you; and now it’s your turn.

She sucks your dick until you’re ready to bust one out. You jizz all over her pretty mouth. “Your cum tastes so good,” she says while keeping eye contact. Megan will swallow whatever’s around her.

“I’ve always had this weird fantasy about fucking my stepbrother.”

Enjoy this petite body as she gets a lot more familiar with you in this steamy outdoor scene. This is one family affair you probably want to repeat!


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