Getting Out of the Friend Zone with Riley Reid – BaDoink VR

The beautiful Riley Reid is trying outfits for her date with some dude and she needs a guy’s opinion.

Sure, no one likes to be stuck in the friend zone with a hot girl like Riley, and that’s a good reason for you to remain quiet right now; but there’s something about her attitude today that is different. She’s got a surprising confession for you — even if this is a one-off. Turns out she’s always had a crush on you, and well… what better time to act on those feelings than now?

Riley pulls your dick out and quickly jumps on you, dry-humping you while she reveals her perky boobs to you. “You can suck on my little titties if you want,” she says. “Put them in your mouth; suck on those nipples.”

She teases your cock against her pussy and fingers herself so you can suck on that finger, too. “I bet you’ve been wondering about what my pussy tastes like,” she says. “Just like I’ve been wondering about what your dicks tastes like.”

Riley begins to suck your cock. It’s way bigger than she thought it would be, and she fucking loves that. She spits on it and puts it way deep inside her throat.

Standing up, turned around and with her feet to your sides, Riley bends over all the way. She starts stroking you and gives you a closer look of her ass and pussy. She spreads it with one hand while the other one jerks you off. She leans even further and takes you inside her mouth. If you sit up a bit, you can get closer and lick that little pussy, too.

“Do you think my pussy can take all of that dick?” she asks with a smile. “I don’t know if you can fuck me balls deep, but we’re just gonna have to try it.”

She gets on top of you and attempts to fit you in. You might be a bit too big for her tight pussy, but she keeps at it and manages to take you all in. She leans back and spreads fully for you, showing her little bush. Then leans forward so you can suck on her lovely puffy nipples and get deeper inside her.

Whenever you’re ready to come, Riley’s ready to take all of your load. You don’t even need to tell her when, so if you happen to spill all of your load while your dick is way down her throat, she’ll swallow every last bit of it, no questions asked!

Who said the friend zone can’t be a good thing? With pals like this, you won’t need a date ever again.

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