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Your gorgeous neighbor Adriana Chechik was throwing a football around with her girlfriend, when it accidentally broke one of your windows. Adriana thought you weren’t home and she could retrieve it without you noticing it. But you catch her as she’s walking into your backyard.

She’s embarrassed and swears her parents could pay for the window, but she also doesn’t want to have to tell them about it. Adriana may not have enough money to pay for it herself, but she’s got a much more convincing way of making it up to you.

“As long as you don’t tell my parents,” Adriana says while rubbing your crotch. “I’m actually quite hot from throwing that ball around with my girlfriends. Getting nice and sweaty.”

Adriana pulls her top up to show you her boobs. She sits right in front of you while she takes her underwear off. She’s not shy at all, and puts that sweet pussy just inches away from you as she touches herself.

“It’s so tight and warm inside of it,” she teases you while licking the pussy juices off her fingers. “Let me just grind on that cock.”

And that’s exactly what she does, stroking the top of your dick while she dry-humps you. She leans in to kiss you, and quickly takes her mouth to that big cock of yours, licking and sucking voraciously.

Adriana spits on it and proceeds to make it disappear down her throat.

She turns around and puts her ass close to your face, sticking two fingers in her pussy. “It’s so fucking nice and wet,” she warns before sliding your dick inside her.

Adriana pulls out for a second, just to suck on your balls again. Quickly sitting on top, she faces you. Her lovely bush and perky boobs are showing as she rides the shit out of you.

She leans in to make out with you, and smiles as she gets on all fours. “Wanna fuck me some more?” she begs. “Please fuck me some more!

You finally spread her open in missionary while she keeps asking you fuck that tight pussy.

“I love feeling every fucking inch,” she says. “Taking it all in my pussy.”

Whenever you’re ready, come all over her bush, tits and lips. You got enough cum for every hole in Adriana’s body.

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