Two Huge Reasons Your Secretary Deserves a Raise!

You’re at the office and your secretary, Spanish bombshell Marta LaCroft, comes in to hand you a document you need to sign. She’s wearing that see-through dress that you like; the one that allows her stunning cleavage to shine brightly as she leans forward towards your desk.

Marta mischievously asks whether she could offer you anything else, and you know exactly what that means. You do a “come hither” sign. She smiles and sits on your desk, close enough so you can get a feel of that wonderful round ass. You help her unzip her dress, and out come a couple of enormous Double Ds just waiting for you to squeeze.

You sit by the couch in your office instead, this gives her space to maneuver. She pours some baby oil on her tits and starts massaging them for your viewing pleasure. She asks you to go to her, but you make sure she knows who the boss is. Another “come hither” sign makes her walk towards you and kneel in front. Maybe you didn’t know she could blow you and titty-fuck you this well when you hired her, but you sure as hell were hoping so!

Marta climbs on top of you, grabs you by your tie and guides your dick inside her. She’s got two very powerful reasons to get a promotion soon enough, and those reasons are about to be smothered in your jizz.