Hot Nurse Lea Lexis Collects Sperm Sample in Better Ways – BaDoink VR

When cash is running low, heading back to the sperm bank makes sense. Something’s different about this place today, and her name is Lea Lexis. This hot brunette is going to be your nurse today, and maybe more than that…

“I have to say, sir, it was worth the wait,” she says while looking you up and down. “You’re quite attractive. I don’t mean to be inappropriate, but you are. I’m going to make sure get a very special treatment. I have an ulterior reason. I will help you out if you want…May I assist you?”

“I will do my best to do this as enjoyable as possible,” she says, then leans to whisper in your ear: “So I’m going to be taking my clothes off for you.”

Lea would love to look professional, sure, but there’s no need for those scrubs anymore. She tosses them to the side and takes her dress off, too. What she reveals underneath is a crazy hot bod, just begging to be had.

Her leopard underwear may contrast with her profession, but suits Lea fucking perfectly.

“Would you like to feel my breasts?” she asked seductively while she puts her cleavage on your face. “Come close and smell my perfume.”

Her nipples are already super hard when she takes her bra off, and she feeds them to you. Suck on them and enjoy the visual show of her getting fully naked.

“You won’t be collecting any kind of specimen, I will!” she says about your semen donation. “So just stay there and let me do my job.”

And what a fantastic blowjob that is. Lea shoves your manhood down her throat and the sounds are getting you really worked up. She pays close attention to your balls and keeps eye contact with you.

“Just when that tip of that cock feels so good and so sensitive, that’s when I play with it even more” she teases. “Feel that you’re gonna explode delighting that tight wet pussy that’s waiting for you, but I want you to hold it for me.”

She wants you to fuck her now, and that’s simply impossible to resist! She turns around to show that magnificent booty and back down on your dick. You can hear her juices as you penetrate her and she’s going straight up wild.

Turning to face you, Lea keeps riding you hard. Her boobs are bouncing and her panting is intoxicating right by your ear. With the aid of a chair, she leans back.

“God, I can feel every inch of that cock going deep inside my pussy!” she says as she comes all over you.

Lea wants you to be more comfortable, so she lays you down and take care of your every need. She gets up, facing away but bending over completely, sucking your dick while giving you the chance to 69 on that juicy pussy.

You take control now and put her back on that table to go deep in that pussy, missionary-style. She can tell you’re getting closer to coming and she’s not shy to ask for it.

“I want every single drop all over my face,” she demands. “Are you ready to give it to me, baby?”

You blow your entire load over her rejoiced face, and she picks it up to collect your sample.

You came here for the extra cash, but that pussy is the real money!


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