Hot Realtor Aidra Fox Shows You Much More Than a House – BaDoink VR

You’re looking at a new house to buy, and your wife couldn’t make this visit with you. However, Aidra, your gorgeous real estate agent greets you as she walks down the stairs. She’s showing you this beautiful mansion, and while she knows it’s a bit more expensive than the budget you had previously discussed, she thinks this house is perfect for you.

Aidra invites you up to check the rest of the house, and it’s not difficult to follow her with that miniskirt she’s wearing. Once upstairs, she suggests you try the bed. It’s really comfy. She notices your eyes on her ass, and it’s suddenly very clear to her that you’re enjoying all the views this place has to offer.

Aidra smiles and kneels in front of you, slightly rubbing your crotch. “You know, all I’ve wanted since I showed you the first house was to see your cock,” she says as she pulls your pants down. Aidra wastes no time to put it in her mouth, devouring your dick with gusto. She jerks it off with both hands and a lot of spit, then deep-throats you some more.

Aidra guesses it’s only fair she shows you all the “perks” included with this property. “Wanna see my tits?” she whispers and leans closer to you while revealing her lovely perky boobs. She keeps jerking you off and giggles a bit. “Wanna see my ass too?”

She turns around, drops her skirt and underwear and saddles you so you can get a good look of her butt. She plays with her pussy while her tight asshole opens up slightly for you.

“This doesn’t really come with the house, but maybe we can call it a signing agreement?” says Aidra with a naughty smile before showing you her pussy up close as she puts two fingers inside her. If you ever wanted to feel what it would be like to make out with Aidra in virtual reality, this is the time. She leans towards you to kiss you as she keeps stroking your dick.

She’s getting hornier now, and she moves back so can ride you some more. But she also wants you to be the one who chooses the rhythm, so she lays back, lifting her left leg while you lay on your side and begin fucking her sideways. Aidra moans loudly with pleasure, feeling your big dick filling her whole pussy.

Wanna come on that beautiful face? It’s your lucky day, buddy! You get to do just that, and Aidra’s ready to swallow the last drop of it. “I think you will like this house after all, huh?” she whispers before eagerly licking the tip of your dick again.

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