Join the Mile High Club Boarding Stewardess Gina Gerson – BaDoink VR

You’re sitting at an airport lounge with your VR goggles. Gina Gerson, a beautiful stewardess sitting opposite you, sees you wearing the VR goggles, and she seems curious enough to ask you about them.

She comes closer to you and looks even better. She’s turned on by the idea of someone seeing her in virtual reality.

“There is someone behind those goggles?” she asks excitedly. Gina wonders about everything someone might want from her watching her through a virtual reality viewer. It seems like she’d do anything to please this mysterious person wearing them.

“Oh, you want to see me get naked?” she asks with a smirk. “What do you want me to do for you?”

Gina smiles again, warming you up just enough before showing some control. “Not yet, I’m in charge.” she says, taking her time.

“Do you want me to tease you?” she says. Finally showing her cards and that she’s enjoying this game just as much.

Gina steps on the coffee table and while she lifts her skirt up and spanks her right cheek. She sits on your lap and begins to dry hump you. Her face really close to yours, you can feel her breathing next to your ear. She can tell you’re harder through your pants.

Standing in front of you again, Gina pulls her panties to the side while starting to touch herself for your viewing pleasure. She slowly unbuttons her outfit, then shows you her perky nipples. She quickly takes your dick out and spits on her hand, as she begins to jerk you off with her marvellous soft hands.

“I like it when you look at me like that,” she says. “Do you want me to go faster?”. She spits some more on your dick without losing eye contact with you.

“Do you wanna fuck me?” she asks convincingly, then immediate climbs on your dick, rocking back and forth on it.

Gina might be petite, but this babe can get loud as you make her come repeatedly. She’s not afraid to tell you what she likes.

She wants you to be comfortable so she lays you down to enjoy her magnificent blowjob skills.

After getting your dick sucked, Gina’s ready to climb on top again on a reverse cowgirl position, and let you watch her tight little butt as she rides you.

When you get Gina on all her fours, she screams the loudest. She loves feeling your big dick entering her from behind and is ready to give back and take all of your cum whenever you’re ready.

Check in and out of Gina’s tight little pussy. Join this exclusive mile high club while not even having to board the plane.


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