Let Riley Reid Fuck and Squirt Your Blues Away – BaDoink VR

When you’re depressed, sometimes human contact is the last thing you’re craving. Unless, that contact comes from a sexy brunette like Riley Reid.

Riley heard you’ve been going through a rough patch. She decided to pay you a surprised visit to lift your spirits — and perhaps something else!

“A little birdie told me you weren’t feeling so hot,” she says while approaching your bed. “So I came to make it a little steamy in here.”

Riley confesses that she’s always wanted to hook up with you, but she was too shy to do anything about it. Maybe it’s seeing you in a vulnerable position like this, but Riley runs her fingers through your chest and all that shyness is nowhere to be found.

“I want to taste you,” she whispers in your ear before pulling your dick out of your boxers. Riley climbs on top of you and pulls her dress down, so you can see her perky tits. She takes her heels off and rubs her feet on your dick, making you harder.

“I can’t wait any longer,” she confesses and quickly puts your entire cock down her throat.

“Before I give you my pussy, I want to tease you with it,” she says playfully. Riley turns around and pulls down her panties. With her ass closer to you, you can see her butthole expanding while she moans.

Standing on her feet, Riley bends over so you can 69 each other. Her legs are shaking as she sucks you off.

“I love feeling your dick so hard in my hand and tasting it,” she whispers in your ear again. “I can’t wait to feel it deep inside me.”

Riley sits on top and you slide right in her wet pussy. She’s so turned on that it only takes a few thrusts to make her squirt.

“My pussy is so wet. Can you hear it?” she asks with a smile. “You’re gonna fucking make me come again!”

Riley turns around to continue riding you in a reverse cowgirl position. She starts slow and deep, then gradually speeds up again.

“You want me to put a finger in there, don’t you?” she flirts as she sticks it in her ass while you bang her.

“I want you to fuck me from behind,” she begs, and you put her in all fours and oblige.

Riley rubs her asshole while you do her doggystyle. She spanks herself and spreads both cheeks so can see everything. She squirts all over your sheets and she’s loving it.

Riley turns to you slighly. Her blue eyes screaming almost louder than her own moans. She licks her cum off your dick and lays on her back so you can bang her in missionary.

“I feel every inch,” she says while making eye contact. “You’re gonna make me come again!”

“I can’t wait to see you come all over my pretty pussy,” she tells you. “Use that tight little wet hole!”

“This is some of the best sex I’ve ever had,” she confesses while covered in your jizz. “You better stick around so you can fuck me some more.”

Forget the Prozac. All you need to blow your blues away is Riley’s sweet poon.


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