Lingerie Shopping with Nekane Sweet – BaDoink VR

When you’re buying sexy lingerie for your girlfriend, it’s hard to get a good idea of how it’ll look on her. Unless, of course, the super hot (and helpful!) store employee is willing to model it for you.

Nekane Sweet works at this store and is helping you pick a steamy present. Your girlfriend, you explain to Nekane, happens to have a similar body, so what better way to show us how it’d look than on her? She never does this for any client, but seems intrigued by the idea.

“Okay, just this one time,” she says. “Let me close this door.”

Nekane comes out wearing only the bra and panties you picked for her, and she models them for you while you sit back on the couch. She turns around, teasing her ass towards you, but you stay still. She smiles and says: “Okay, I’m going to try another one,” before going back in the dressing room.

The curtain, however is see-through. You can peek a little bit while she changes, and she comes out wearing all red underwear. It really does suit her. This time she shakes her ass a bit more, and pushes her tits together when showing you the front. She’s blatantly flirting with you, but you still sit back and let her do all the work.

Nekane tries the last one, only this time she stays in the room and undresses in front of you. She models a little bit for you, but you know very well where this is going…

She starts masturbating through her panties, then takes her bra off and shows you her spectacular titties, shaking them for you and pinching her own nipples. She rubs baby oil all over them and massages them slowly for your visual pleasure.

She takes her panties off and plays with them, biting and licking them. “Can I see your dick?” she asks seductively. And, well, of course she can! She jerks it as she gets her face way closer to you. Go on, you can make out with Nekane.

She licks your dick from bottom to top and in a seamless motion, spits on it and puts both her big boobs around it to tittyfuck it. She takes the rest of your clothes off, and wraps her used panties around your dick, playing with it.

Nekane then climbs on top of you, leaning forward so you can suck on those big natural titties. She teases your cock around her now soaking pussy and lets you enter her, grinding hard on you as she rocks back and forth. Her boobs look amazing, bouncing while she rides you.

“I want doggystyle,” she asks. And well, you oblige! You get behind that big ass and simply pound it.

She turns around, begging you fuck her missionary. Watch her whole sweaty body spread out in front you and get a good close up of her orgasmic face.

“Come on my tits,” she tells you as she takes you out of her and keeps masturbating. You climb on top of her now, tittyfucking her some more until you’re ready to bust one all over her chest. She also might take some of your cum and lick it for you, while you soak in this moment.

She’s definitely earning her commission…

Watch it now!