Locker Room Fun Action with Curvy Babe Edyn Blair – BaDoink VR

You have successfully sneaked into the ladies locker room to surprise your girlfriend Edyn Blair after practice. She doesn’t notice you at first, but when she’s in her underwear and turns around, sees you and freaks out (in a good way!)

She knows you shouldn’t be here, but that also makes it more exciting for her. If you guys get caught, she could get expelled.

She scouts the place around while whispering, but the closer she gets to you, the more she wants to fuck you. “Hmm, as long as we’re not too loud?”

Edyn takes her panties off, only keeping her stockings on, and turns around to show you her booty. She shakes it and rubs her clit for you.

“I’ve been so horny the whole time,” she confesses. “I’ve been really looking forward to giving you all this.”

She brings that ass closer to you; you’re welcome to dig into that ass and pussy if you’d like. You’ve earned this.

“Believe it or not, I have more for you,” she adds as she takes all of your clothes off and, without missing a beat, starts sucking you off.

“You get your house and you get me,” she reassures you. “This is going to be a day to remember, I promise.” It already is. This is definitely only for VIPs!

Edyn treats your dick with absolute love. She sucks, licks, strokes and caresses until you’re ready to move on to something else. Let’s face it, you’ve always wanted to know what it’d feel like to fuck those tits, and she’s ready to put it in between them.

She leans forward to tell you a little secret, and whispers it in your ear: “I wanna ride your cock.”

She turns to a reverse cowgirl position and does just that. You can hear how much she’s loving going up and down on it. “Give me that thick cock!” she demands, and her big juicy ass bounces beautifully off it, going deeper till you hit the very end of her. “Let me taste that pussy, then ride you some more.”

Edyn gets on top again, this time facing you. “Mmm, watch these big titties bounce while I fuck you!” she moans. They’re so close you can motorboat them if you want; they’re almost smacking you in the face, and it’s hard to complain! She keeps going faster and you can watch her twitching as she comes all over you. She’s got this silly satisfied smile on her face.

You’re burying that dick in there as you fuck her doggystyle. Edyn’s spanking her own ass and moaning loudly while you keep smashing that ass. “It’s so fucking deep inside my pussy!” she screams, yet asks for more. “That’s it! Pound that tight pussy!”

Edyn climaxes again, and knows it’s your turn now. She turns around and begs you: “Why don’t you come fuck me until you come inside me?

Come all over her mouth and chest, then watch her spread it on her big tits.