Marta La Croft Scavenger Hunts Down Your Pants – BaDoink VR

Even though your girlfriend, the voluptuous Marta La Croft, is very low-maintenance and doesn’t care about presents, she deserves a little pampering; so what better way to show your appreciation than a little scavenger hunt for your anniversary — especially if the final gift for her is inside your pants.

Marta walks in the room as you’re sitting back on the couch. She sees the roses you left for her, but what about the card? She suddenly realizes there are more presents hidden through this scavenger hunt.

“Where would you go if you wanted to watch our favorite show?” she reads in her strong and sexy accent. She checks under the TV and sees some earrings, along with the next card.

“Just take a look. Your next clue is with your favorite book,” she reads, excited about having yet another present. She checks inside the book, where another clue awaits for her: “Now you have to look below for something you’d like to blow.”

Well, isn’t it convenient that she just happens to be kneeling in front of you?

Marta unzips your pants and finds her final gift, but now it’s your time to get a present. She takes your cock deep inside her throat as she reminds you really quick why it’s a damn good idea to keep this woman happy.

Marta notices you keep looking at her tits, because, well… why wouldn’t you? She takes her top off and shows you those massive boobs and alternates between sucking your dick and giving you a delicious tittyfuck.

Turning around, Marta keeps lowering her dress as she teases her big ass over your dick. She slowly drops the dress to the floor, revealing her already wet pussy. She needs it bad, too, so she brings you back to the floor and slides your dick inside her. Marta loves shaking that ass while she fucks you, looking back the whole time; she wants to see your face as you bang that wonderful ass.

When she turns around, you can finally see those titties bounce in all their glory. Marta leans back so you can watch yourself going in while her boobs keep doing their thing all along. The summer heat gets to her, too, as the sweat makes those jugs look even more appealing.

Experience Marta’s tight pussy in virtual reality, as she works hard for her presents and you give it to her all over her beautiful big tits.

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