All Natural Blonde Maid Gets Filthy in the Right Way – BaDoink VR

When your house is spotless — and most importantly — when your maid looks like Brooke Wylde, it’d be silly to not use her many talents while she’s still on the clock.

She walks into the living room, finishing her day job, but about to start doing the most important part of your day: You.

“Can I be your dirty girl?” Brooke asks shamelessly as she rubs her hands all through your legs on the couch.

And sure, cleaning while wearing heels may have seemed like an odd choice, but when she lifts her uniform to show you her black stockings and the red panties you love so much, it’s very clear that we’re not dealing with the average maid here.

In fact, when Brooke takes her uniform off and begins to touch her clit, you may have already forgotten about what you paid her for in the first place.

“God, I want you inside me,”  says Brooke as she takes off her top and bra, letting those big natural tits out while she promises to stick your dick in between them. Turning around, she masturbates for you, following that with a great reverse blowjob as her huge boobs just hang in the air and she gets that ass really close to your face.

“I can feel it getting bigger in my mouth,” Brooke says with a smile while pausing from deepthroating your cock. It’d be impossible not to get hard with a girl like this. She climbs on top of you and starts riding you vigorously; her tits just bouncing the way only big naturals can. She leans back and simply has a blast on your dick.

But she’s not done with the dirty talk, and she makes sure to whisper filthy stuff while she uses both hands to jerk you off. She can see where your eyes are going, and teases them for you, so when she finally sits on her butt, picks up her boobs and wraps them around your dick, it’s everything you ever dreamed of. “Fuck my titties just like that,” Brooke tells you while she keeps eye contact with you, all sweaty from all this workout you’ve put her through.

Brooke climbs up on you; she needs more dick inside her, and she will definitely get it. You get to watch her from behind until she’s ready to make you come.

“Fucking give it to me, please. I’m gonna beg you for it,” she says softly, looking straight at your eyes and telling you just how much she wants your jizz.

Watch those big natural tits bounce in full virtual reality as she gets positively filthy on your dick. She’ll work for it, beg you for it, and thank you for it. This is a cleaning girl you definitely want to keep on the payroll.

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