Massive Double Ds Stroke You by the Pool

You find yourself relaxing by an indoor pool, when a very friendly Angel Wicky comes around and asks you what you’re doing there. It’s hard to ignore her; after all, she happens to be a very voluptuous Czech babe in a bikini. But you keep your cool and ignore her, as she showers to your left.

She jumps in the pool and keeps talking to you, but you still don’t respond. She seems to like the fact that you don’t acknowledge her. She keeps trying to get your attention.

Angel swims towards you, gets out of the pool and kneels by your side. You keep waiting silently, as she takes her bikini top off to reveal those massive Double Ds, then unzips your pants and takes your cock into her mouth. You might not be saying anything, but your dick happens to be extremely responsive to Angel while she titty-fucks you.

She gets on top so you can feel her wet pussy dripping all over you, then leans towards you to put her giant boobs in your face. She asks you to take both hands and squeeze them. She turns around so you can see and spank her big ass.

Angel may have come here for a swim, but she’s now asking you for something very different to splash all over her face.