Penelope Cum Ain’t Like Anyone Else – BaDoink VR

Penelope’s barely in her 20s, but she’s a fucking 10.

Let the smooth R&B beat hit all the right spots and chill with this cool babe at a dope Mediterranean mansion. A montage of short shots of Penelope gives you a sample of what a weekend with this gorgeus brunette would be like. Penelope rolling around in bed. Penelope smoking by the pool. Penelope seductively eating a banana…

Once the nostalgia is over, Penelope takes you into the bedroom for some real bumping and grinding. You’re laying in bed while she’s kneeling next to you, she begins to kiss your stomach and carefully takes your pants off. She starts jerking you off, spitting on it to make it really moist before putting your dick in her mouth. Penelope takes her top off, revealing her perky tits to you, so you can see her whole body as she deep throats your entire cock. Even while gagging, Penelope wants to make (watery) eye contact with you!

To give you a little show, Penelope turns around and starts fingering herself vigorously. You can see her ass and those pussy lips shaking as she goes two fingers deep inside her own pussy. She’s getting more and more wet; you can actually hear her pussy juices as she masturbates and rubs against your dick.

Standing up with her feet to your side, she keeps jerking you off and giving you an amazing view of her pussy, but quickly needs it inside her, so she sits back so you can enter her. Penelope gets her riding on; her lovely tight ass bouncing as she speeds up.

Penelope turns around, spits some more on her pussy and slides you right back in. She keeps getting into it, arching her back as she approaches climax, and you can see her perky nipples pointing to the ceiling while she comes.

But Penelope didn’t get her last name for nothing: She wants to taste your Cum, and she’ll do anything she needs to do to get it. Once you’re ready to blow your load in her mouth, watch her pretty lips playing with all your jizz. You’re making her day today.

We told you she ain’t like anyone else…

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