Petite Schoolgirl Gina Gerson Makes the Grade – BaDoink VR

Beautiful schoolgirl Gina Gerson needs a good grade, but let’s face it, she’s failing this class.

So maybe academics aren’t her thing. Fortunately, Gina has other talents that will surely convince a progressive educator like yourself!

Gina softly rubs your hand, flirting just enough to suggest her next move. Getting on top of the desk, in front of you, she lifts up her shirt, spreads her legs, pulls her panties aside and begins to finger herself to give you a spectacular close-up of her pussy. She seductively licks and spits on her fingers to get herself wetter for you.

Laying on her side across the desk, she starts to suck you off as she keeps touching herself. “Can I put it in my pussy?” she asks in her sexy Hungarian accent. No one in their right mind would say no to this.

You spread Gina open on the desk and start fucking her missionary, admiring her petite frame as she begs for more of your dick. She keeps asking you to go deeper and harder. She turns to her side again and spits some more on your cock so you can enter her that way. You can hear her speak in both English and Hungarian as she approaches orgasm.

After she comes for the first time, she asks to sit on you, so she finally loses her skirt and lays you down on the desk.

“So, what about my grade?” she asks while stroking you slowly. And honestly, with the blowjob she’s about to give you, it’s hard not to pay her back with an A+.

With both feet on the desk, Gina turns around and rides you in a reverse cowgirl position, before turning back around and face you while she fucks you. Her eyes are fixated on you as she keeps climaxing over and over again. She looks a bit dizzy from coming so much.

It’s your turn now. Gina alternates her mouth and hand on your dick. She wants all of your jizz to play with, and surely enough, she gets it soon after. Spilling down her fingers, she licks the cum off you and spits it back and repeats the process. She tenderly kisses your penis several times. This is the face of a girl that definitely knows she got a passing grade.

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