Popping Katrina Jade’s Hood (on Top of Your Mustang!) – BaDoink VR

You let the very hot Katrina Jade drive your Mustang and she scratched it. The good news? She might be a terrible driver, but she definitely has other impressive skills to make it up to you.

Already parked inside your garage, Katrina looks very embarrassed. You’re not saying a word, and this just makes her more nervous and ashamed. She doesn’t want you to think she doesn’t appreciate everything you’ve done for her, so she quickly thinks of a way to make you feel a lot better.

Katrina unzips your pants, pulls your dick out and smiles joyfully as she sees it. “That’s so nice,” she says right before putting it in her mouth. She’s definitely much better at blowjobs than parallel parking. She spits on it and barely takes a breath when she’s gagging on your cock.

“What do you say we take this to the backseat?” she suggests. “I can show you other things, too.” She lays you down, naked across the backseat, and she keeps on deep-throating you. “That’s such a nice cock,” she whispers while tasting it.

Katrina starts taking all her clothes off. Her bikini bottom comes off and you get to see that amazing big ass of hers; the word “slut” is tattooed on her right cheek, and somehow that car scratch seem a lot less important right now.

“Want me to put my pussy in your face?” she asks knowing very well what the answer to that is. She keeps telling you how wet her pussy is, and you can actually hear her juices as she fingers herself right in front of your face.

Katrina then leans in to make out with you, giving you a nice sloppy kiss before sitting on your cock and letting you enter her. She leans back so you can see her whole naked body, then leans forwards so that her huge boobs bounce in front of your face.

With a hand on the door, she reclines the whole front seat and perks that big booty in the air, fucking you in a reverse cowgirl position. She wants it deeper and tells you so.

Katrina invites you to get out of the car, and while this may not sound like what you want to do, she has a much better plan for you.

“You wanna bend me over your car and fill my little tiny pussy with your huge cock?”

Of course you do!

Putting her right foot on the hood, she lets you penetrate her doggystyle and keeps talking dirty to you. She only stops this to keep tasting her own pussy when she blows you, then asks you to get back to fucking her. You lay her on top of the hood, spread eagle, and continue fucking her missionary, her eyes fixated on you as she’s coming.

Now it’s your turn. Still on top of the hood, her head hangs just off it as you fuck her throat. When you’re closer, she pulls it out so you can come all over her mouth and chin. She licks every drop of it.

This may already be a Mustang, but Katrina will make this a classic ride in every way possible.

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