Post-Workout Dirty Sex with Petite Babe Jaye Summers – BaDoink VR

The beautiful Jaye Summers is back home after getting a good workout at the gym. You’re already in the bathroom as she’s taking her clothes off, ready to take a shower.

When she notices you creeping on her, she’s not mad at you; quite the contrary! Jaye seems very turned on and approaches you. She likes how you look at her, and is excited about how you want to bang her while still hot and sweaty.

Jaye starts gently touching your junk, getting you hard almost instantly. “You like it when I rub on your cock like that?” she whispers on your ear before taking all the rest of her clothes off for you.

Jaye removes your towel and is very excited to see your hard-on. She licks her palms and starts stroking it with both hands.

“This is turning me on so much right now,” she confesses, but you could see it in her eyes before. Jaye gets down to her knees and begins to suck you off, taking it deep down her throat with every thrust.

She wants you to get comfortable, and lays you down on the carpet so she can take care of you like you deserve.

After a few more minutes of this very dedicated blowjob, Jaye wants to tease you a bit, and she starts humping your thigh while she keeps stroking you. Then she takes her pretty pussy very close to your face. You can see all of it, lick it and suck it all you want. Jaye’s rubbing her clit and having the time of her life.

“I’m gonna fucking come!” she warns you while your face is still buried in her dripping wet pussy. She recovers quickly, too, and invites you to 69 her. “I want some more of this fucking cock in my mouth.”

Without missing a bear, Jaye sits back down and lets you enter her from behind. That tight ass looks incredible from here!

But Jaye also wants you to see all of her while she rides you. Facing you, she leans back and opens her legs wide to give you a stunning look of her body while you go balls deep in her.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna come again!” She warns, leaning forward now. Her hair flows out of control and her perky pierced nipples are bouncing while she climaxes again.

“That felt so good…” she admits while still getting out of this hazy trance. “That’s what your cock does to me!”

Jaye leans towards your ear again and whispers: “I wanna taste my cum on your cock.” She licks all through your shaft, then gets back up on that dick, and as soon as you enter her again, you can see her eyes turn once more. Jaye goes faster and harder.

“Oh God, you’re gonna make me cum again!” she says, and this time is even more intense. “Now I want you to come fuck me till you come all over me, okay?”

With her laying on her back, you keep banging her. You keep thrusting yourself inside her and see the pleasure running through her body. “Your dick is the best!” she says.

When you’re ready, you pull out and cover her stomach with your jizz. There’s so much of it, and she wants every single drop on her.

It’s been quite the workout for Jaye, and the latter one was even more intense.

“Well, I guess I better go take my second shower of the day,” she says while walking towards the shower. “You can come with me if you want…”

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