• by BaDoink VR News
  • August 29, 2015

Virtual reality: Grand Illusions

Pornography, an industry which has often been at the cutting edge of technology, is also pondering the possibilities of VR. Its practitioners, such as BaDoinkVR, are already making VR films intended for use with the cheap headsets that transform smartphones into low-spec VR machines. And, for those in need of other, less vigorous, forms of relaxation, VR may provide an alternative to noise-cancelling headphones when it comes to the matter of shutting out the outside world. nDreams, for example, makes a program called “Perfect Beach”, in which users can lounge in the sun on virtual versions of real tropical beaches. Glance to a radio on your left, and you can listen to music. Look at a book on a table to your right, and the program will open up e-books for you to read.