Putting Your Guns Down with Alegra on KGBeaver – BaDoink VR

Albeit exciting, living in a futuristic dystopian society sounds exhausting. So when Alegra comes back home, and she starts telling you all about it in Russian and her clothes start coming off, it’s easy to remember the most important things in life.

Alegra’s tired of fighting. She unstraps her gun and puts it down. She sees you laying down on the couch and walks towards you, slowly saddling you as she keeps speaking in Russian and unzipping her jacket. She plays with her top, showing you a peak of her cleavage; it’s enough to tease you, but this is not about torture: this is about taking your time.

Yet having said that, Alegra suddenly rips her pants off around the crotch area with her bare hands. She’s not wearing panties, and you can see her beautiful shaved pussy, as she gets the easy access necessary to touch her clit while she’s got her legs wrapped around you. It’s not about fucking immediately, but about getting rid off the stuff that’s on her way right now. She just wants to enjoy this moment with you.

She takes her top off and plays with her boobs with her left hand, while her right one is busy rubbing her clit. She keeps getting hornier, and feels the need to taste your dick right now. She gets on her knees, and begins to give you a loving blowjob. She takes the rest of your clothes off so that you can be comfortable and resumes giving you head for a little bit longer, before climbing on top of you and letting your cock slide through those now-crotchless pants and inside her wet pussy.

Alegra’s definitely in the moment; riding you as she lets all her worries go away and feeling you deep inside her. It’s so intense that she has to stop for a moment, jerking you off as she talks dirty in Russian. When she’s ready for round two, she turns around to show you her ass, playing with her pussy while her butt gets closer to you. She then sits back on your dick to ride it some more.

War is pointless, and all Alegra wants and needs right now is for you to have your happy ending with her. She’s willing to make you feel like the only thing that matters in this messed up world, as she fucks your brains out in this sweet and passionate VR scene. You’re home now; enjoy it with Alegra.

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