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Cute blonde Daniela Dadivoso walks into the showers and takes off her uniform, revealing those big natural boobs that she’s well known around school for. She gets under the water like any other day, when all of a sudden she sees Susy Gala walk in. Susy’s a confident brunette that has definitely noticed the way the more timid Daniela looks at her sometimes. Alerted by your presence, but completely unfazed by it, Susy takes her skirt off and bends over, showing you the big ass she’s even more known for.

She can also feel Daniela’s gaze, but she pays no mind to it. She gets fully naked and approaches Daniela, who seems hesitant about accepting Susy’s advances.

“Don’t be afraid,” Susy says as she rubs Daniela’s tits, and guides her hands into her own. She kisses her and sucks her nipples. Daniela’s very nervous; she’s never been with a girl before, and she’s not sure how to react, but when she realizes you’re there, watching them, her horniness takes the best of her. She loves to feel your eyes on their naked bodies. Daniela doesn’t want to be a good girl anymore, and she starts licking Susy’s perfect tits while she makes constant eye contact with you.

Susy sits, all spread so you can watch her, while Daniela explores her body. She’s never done this before, but she’s really enjoying the the new sensation of fingering a girl, and seeing Susy’s delighted reactions.

Seating now next to each other, the more experienced Susy shows her what she likes having done to her. Daniela’s never been touched like this, and she damn sure doesn’t want this to stop any time soon.

Having Daniela standing with one foot on the step, Susy crawls on the floor and starts eating Daniela’s pussy. She buries her face in it and rubs her clit rhythmically.

Daniela wants to take more action now. With Susy bent over on the floor, she shows you her glorious booty and begins to touch her pussy the way Susy taught her, all while making eye contact with you and teasing you while she keeps masturbating her.

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