Sex Addict Harley Jade Makes Therapy Way More Fun – BaDoink VR

Sex addict Harley Jade came to therapy to discuss her latest sexual dilemmas. But it’s hard to remain professional when you have a babe like this, talking about sex for an hour, and constantly flirting with you.

You start channelling these distractions by drawing naked girls on your notes. However, you can’t help but thinking what it would be like to act on your thoughts. Apparently, she also has been noticing the way you’re looking at her, and that’s turning her on. Harley tries really hard to contain herself (or so she tells you), but she simply can’t hold back. She’s not shy to share that with you, either.

“I had a really long day today,” she confesses while putting her hand up your thigh. “And I’m feeling very horny, and I think you are too…

Harley’s got both hands on your leg. She giggles and tells you she’s been thinking about you for a long time.

“You always look so good!” She takes her bra off and all of a sudden this session is taking a much naughtier tone!

Harley craves your dick badly, and almost salivates while rubbing both hands on your crotch.

“I just really wanna see it,” she says with a smile, pulling your pants down and marvelling on the sight of your cock.

“Oh my God, it’s so big! Is it okay if I put it in my mouth?

This girl is mad thirsty and she shows that enthusiasm when stuffing your manhood down her throat. But she wants more, and politely asks for it: “Can I sit on it?” she asks, you nod, and she turns around so you can enter her and watch her big booty bouncing on your cock.

Harley wants to ride you more comfortably. She lays you down on your office’s comfy rug to straddle you, with both feet to your side so you can see her pussy as you penetrate her. She’s fucking enthusiastic, too, and she sucks it some more anytime she can.

“Oh my god, that feels so good!” she moans while you fuck her missionary now, spreading her open and rubbing her clit till she orgasms all over that rug. Whenever you’re ready, she sucks you off again — with plenty of eye contact — until you jizz inside her mouth so she can swallow it.

Watch that amazing big booty jiggle all around your dick. Harley will show you just how much fun her particular addiction can be.

You probably can’t wait till your next session!

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