Sexual Tarot Reading with Miriam Leads to Good Fortune – BaDoink VR

Miriam Prado is an exotic tarot reader and she’s agreed to see you at her place for a private reading.

Right off the bat, you get “The Lover’s Card”. Miriam smiles and says, “There is something really nice in your future”. But when she tries to read your hand, she seems to be having trouble deciphering the lines on it.

Thankfully, all she needs is a bigger appendix of yours to show you just how much better your next half hour is about to become. “I want a closer look,” she says while sneaking her foot under the table, and softly rubbing it on your junk.

Miriam quickly puts the table behind you guys, and sits in front of you, opening her gown and showing her see-through lingerie. She pulls your pants down and sees your dick, her eyes lighting up at the size of it. She can definitely get a good read on this one, and she makes sure to inspect it with her mouth.

Wrapping your dick with her magnificent natural boobs, Miriam goes up and down, making a lot of eye contact as she tittyfucks you. A little bit extra oral attention is followed by a “come-hither” sign, indicating she wants to lay you down in a more comfortable spot.

Stripping down so you can see her full curvy body, Miriam puts her pussy close to your face and rubs her clit, occasionally extending her fingers so you can also taste that pussy. Then, using a clear dildo, she pushes the toy inside her, teasing what it’d be like when you get to come in yourself.

She turns around, standing on her feet and showing you her pussy again. You can sit up and lick it if you want. When you’re ready to fuck her, Miriam gets on all fours so you can take her doggystyle.

Miriam crawls down the carpet and turns to face you. She wants to look into your eyes as you bury your big cock inside her. She holds her weight with her hands and slightly sits up, but you’re still in control here.

Miriam moans and growls all the way. She keeps coming and coming, and she wants you to do the same all over her pussy. Whenever you’re ready, pull out and let her feel all of your cum as she pinches her nipples and bites her lips. She delights in it, sucking her fingers for your viewing pleasure as you sit there in post-coital joy.

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