Skip Karaoke, Give Norah Nova All the Orgasms She Wants – BaDoink VR

Your hot girlfriend Norah Nova loves to go to karaoke every week at a local bar. You wish you could stay on the couch and watch TV instead. Norah, however, has very convincing ways to persuade you. She points at your dick and kneels in front of you.

“I’ll put it in my mouth real quick,” she suggests. “But then you got to find your shoes.”

It’s not like you’ll say no to that!

“Do you want it deep in my throat?” she asks sheepishly and follows through. “You know I love it when this dick goes in my mouth.”

Norah takes your pants off and doesn’t want to get her nice dress messy, so she strips too.

“I’m already getting wet,” she confesses as she takes her underwear off. “I bet you can see the cum already in my panties!”

“I can’t wait to have you in my tight little pussy,” she teases. “But you’re making me wait, so I want you to appreciate how cute my toes are.”

Norah starts to jerk you off with her feet. This girl is super flexible, and she can actually suck the tip of your dick while her feet handle the shaft!

“I want you deep in my pussy,” she whispers in your ear. “I want you to make me come.”

Norah pours some lube on your dick then straddles you, letting you penetrate her. She wants to give you all the control.  “I’ll hold it, you pound me,” she says holding that pussy in the air for you.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming!” she lets out while her body shakes uncontrollably. “Feel me come all over that cock!”

Her perky pierced nipples are right in your face. You can suck on them all you want. She loves it and is making her come again! Watch her shiver on top of you, over and over again!

“But I know your favorite part is my butt,” she teases while turning around, then whispers again: “Do you want to put a finger in?”

Norah wants you to take over now. She wants it from behind and you’re about to give it to her.

As she backs on your cock you can see her pussy juices dripping off it. She keeps having one orgasm after the other.

“You’re making me scream so much I might not have a voice for karaoke tonight!”

“I want you to choke me,” she begs while turning around. You put your hand around her neck and she starts coming again.

“Come here,” Norah says as she lays on her back and spreads her legs wide open for you. “You know I want it this way.”

You go deep in missionary and she climaxes yet again. There are no limits to the orgasms of your girlfriend. She puts her feet on your chest, then pulls her legs way back as you go balls deep.

“I came all over you,” she says sweetly. “Now it’s your turn to come all over me.”

You drop a big load on her stomach and bush and she revels in it. Norah might not be a karaoke star, but her talents are undeniable. She’s earned a lot of singing tonight!


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