Spectacular Sex with Gorgeous Bartender Adriana Chechik – BaDoink VR

You’ve been missing hot bartender Adriana Chechik and her tight pussy. It’s been a while since you last saw her, so you decided to stop by close to last call.

Adriana pours you guys some shots and is being her old flirty self. She’s clearly excited to see you. How excited? Enough to not even have to leave the bar to hook up with you.

“You know, that shot got me a little hot,” she confesses while she flashes her beautiful perfect boobs. “Do you want to see for yourself if I’m wearing any panties?”

“My nipples are already hard for you,” she confesses while massaging them. “These perky tits are excited!”

She loses her skirt and you ask her to keep going, but she teases you a bit. “I think I should get on my knees and start playing with your cock

She rubs it from outside the pants and quickly takes them off, staring at your package in awe. “Balls are my favorite,” she says before putting them both in her mouth. “I could spend all day on your balls.”

Adriana doesn’t even need hands. She licks the tip of your dick and deep-throats the shaft while keeping eye contact with you. Holding both her breasts, she wraps them around your manhood and tittyfucks you.

Adriana can’t take it any longer: She takes off her panties, turns around and is ready to feel you inside her. Look at her tight little ass from behind as you penetrate her.

“You like the way I squeeze my pussy on your dick?” she asks. And this is better than you could have predicted. She goes crazy on your cock, speeding up and breathing heavily.

“I think I’m gonna come like this.” she moans as her panting gets more extreme, “Oh my God, your dick feels incredible!”

Adriana sucks some of her own pussy juice out of your cock. But now she has an idea: She wants you to fuck her on one of the chairs. She looks amazing spread open on that chair. Pulling her legs back, Melissa is getting closer to orgasm again.

“You make that pussy so happy!”

“But you don’t get to come yet,” she teases some more. “Why don’t you lie down and I’ll get on top of you?”

She sucks on your balls some more before riding you. “I think I’m gonna show you a good view of my pussy,” Adriana suggests. “Would you like that?”

Opened up in front of you, she starts rubbing her clit and fingering herself. First one finger, then the others join in. You can hear her pussy juices as she gets more and more into it.

Adriana gets back on top, riding you hard. You see those boobs bouncing and she moans louder and louder. She comes harder than she did before, and now it’s your turn.

“I want it all over my pretty little face, can you do that for me?” she sucks and jerks it and it’s building up so much that you can’t hold it any longer. You nut across her beautiful lips as she keeps sloppily deep-throating.

Adriana may serve good cocktails, but when it comes to your cum, she’ll outdrink anyone.


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