Surprise Anal with New Office Cleaning Girl Zoe Doll – BaDoink VR

There’s no one in the office today, so you’re happily browsing for some porn, when the new cleaning girl, Zoe Doll, comes in.

She asks if it’s okay for her to start cleaning, and while this might seem a little awkward, a quick look at this cute girl and you won’t mind seeing her do her thing around you, especially when she starts dancing while she sweeps.

While cleaning the front of your desk, Zoe knocks a cup down to the floor, spilling water all over it. She apologizes and gets on the floor to clean it thoroughly, at which time you move to the couch in your office to supervise her a bit better. She notices the porn you’ve been looking at and smiles. “Do you like this?” she asks you with a naughty smile.

Lucky for you, Zoe is nothing like any office maid you’ve ever met before, and she’s more than happy to help you recreate all the anal fantasies you want.

Zoe takes her belt off, and gets out of that pesky uniform and immediately puts her hand down her panties to touch herself. She turns to show you her perfect round ass and pulls her underwear to the side and fingers herself in front of you.

She moans through her thick red lips and pulls them down all the way, teasing you her ass, playing with her butthole, showing you what she likes. “Come here with me,” she says while guiding you to the floor.

She strips you naked and lays you down. “I’m a dirty girl,” she whispers to your ear, and to make this even clearer, she turns around showing you her tight little asshole gape slowly as she fingers it.

Next thing you know, she’s sliding your big cock inside her asshole in a reverse cowgirl position. She shakes her ass with you deep inside her. She rubs her clit and leans back while you penetrate her from behind.

You stand up and — with her still on her knees — she takes your cock in her mouth. Lovingly licking every inch of it as she caresses her own nipples. She licks her fingers, stands up and jerks you off with her sexy eyes right in front of you. She spits on it a bit more and keeps teasing you. She leans forward so you can kiss those lips. Then she turns around and guides your dick inside her asshole again. You can see her boobs in the mirror in front of you, and continue fucking that tight little butt; this time doggystyle. She reaches down to rub her clit and looks over her shoulder smiling; she’s loving it.

At some point during sex, you can actually hear the bells from next door’s church in the background, and this seems to bring the bad girl in Zoe a lot wilder. She jerks you off again, looking seductively into your eyes, and kissing you. Feel her breath right on you as you edge closer and closer. When you’re about to come, she gets down on her knees, cupping your balls and not stopping for a second as you drop your whole load in her mouth. Watch her play with your cum, swallow some of it, and rub the rest all over her petite little body.

Don’t be fooled by her job; Zoe is a dirty girl…

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