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BaDoink VR porn videos on PS4

Trends with Benefits Let’s be honest here for a second; “Batman Arkham VR” is not the only reason you’re thinking about hooking up the PlayStationVR system to your PS4. When VHS came out, we used it to watch porn. We did the same thing with DVDs, Blu-Rays, our first iPhone and tablet computers and we’re...

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  • October 12, 2016

BadoinkVR CEO: Porn is the killer app of VR and we’ll bring it to Daydream and Playstation VR

Even though few will admit it but: people love porn. Here, we said it! And thanks to VR,  viewers can be right there in the action. Or as the CEO of Badoink VR, Todd Gliderr says: “VR porn really exploits the potential of the tech in a way no other industry can.”

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