CNBC and Re/Code on BaDoink’s Free VR Goggles

CNBC and its partner, technology news site Re/code, can definitely recognize a savvy marketing move when they see one. As the leading company in virtual reality porn, BaDoink took a step towards introducing many potential customers to their exclusive content by offering free VR headsets to the public. The headsets are modeled on Google Cardboard, and would...

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  • July 20, 2015
  • Re/code & CNBC

Badoink hands out VR cardboard headsets so you’ll buy porn

BaDoink, one of a handful of pioneer VR porn companies, is handing out free virtual reality headsets to the public. In a surprise to nobody, the company ran out of its first 10,000 headsets within 24 hours. The company put in another order for 20,000 more goggles to give to customers.

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