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  • October 12, 2016

BadoinkVR CEO: Porn is the killer app of VR and we’ll bring it to Daydream and Playstation VR

Even though few will admit it but: people love porn. Here, we said it! And thanks to VR,  viewers can be right there in the action. Or as the CEO of Badoink VR, Todd Gliderr says: “VR porn really exploits the potential of the tech in a way no other industry can.”

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Getting Out of the Friend Zone with Riley Reid – BaDoink VR

The beautiful Riley Reid is trying outfits for her date with some dude and she needs a guy’s opinion. Sure, no one likes to be stuck in the friend zone with a hot girl like Riley, and that’s a good reason for you to remain quiet right now; but there’s something about her attitude today...

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Celebrate BaDoinkVR’s Anniversary with a Special Discount Promo

It’s our anniversary here at BaDoinkVR! And to celebrate it we have a special offer for new subscribers. Only for today, the first month of your membership is only $9.95. Full access to virtual reality sex with some of the hottest porn stars on the planet awaits you. You don’t have a VR viewer? Don’t worry!...

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Girl Next Door Jumps on Your Trampoline (and your dick) – BaDoink VR

The beautiful Zenda Sexy is the girl next door — no, literally, she’s your next door neighbor. So when her basketball goes over the fence and into your yard, she decides to pay you a visit to pick it up. Zenda sees you chilling by the sliding door, looking towards the yard with no shirt...

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Three-Course Meal

Lesbian VR porn is better than food porn — especially on your Oculus Rift. Alexa Tomas and Jimena Lago have cooked a delicious meal for you, but the appetizer they’re about to serve you is much more mouth-watering. You’re waiting patiently at the end of the table as both girls approach you on both sides....

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Asian Stripper Auditions for Your VR Happy Ending

You’re sitting down at the end of a runway when Spanish stripper Naty Mellow starts walking towards you. She shows you her big natural tits and plays with a dildo for you, while teasing you and moving her big ass to the beat. Another girl watches in the background as Naty puts on a show...

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CNBC and Re/Code on BaDoink’s Free VR Goggles

CNBC and its partner, technology news site Re/code, can definitely recognize a savvy marketing move when they see one. As the leading company in virtual reality porn, BaDoink took a step towards introducing many potential customers to their exclusive content by offering free VR headsets to the public. The headsets are modeled on Google Cardboard, and would...

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  • by Dan Gutierrez
  • November 6, 2015
  • BaDoinkVR

Maxim Discusses BaDoinkVR on the Street

The very popular men’s magazine Maxim is yet another one of many news outlets reporting about BaDoinkVR’s viral video of people in the streets of San Francisco being shown VR porn for the first time. While also giving props to BaDoinkVR for “having an absolutely incredible name”, they assure us that virtual reality is the...

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VICE/Motherboard Go Behind the Scenes on a BaDoink VR Porn Shoot

When it comes to behind-the-scenes pieces, it’s hard to beat a porn shoot (pun strongly unintended!) After receiving an invitation from BaDoink CEO Todd Glider, Vice/Motherboard writer DJ Pangburn attended a BaDoinkVR shoot at a five-story Hollywood Hills mansion, effectively recreating his own Big Lebowski moment. While naked people were about to have sex on...

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WIRED Germany on People’s Reactions to BaDoink’s VR Porn

WIRED Germany reported on BaDoinkVR’s viral video, in which people in the streets of San Francisco are shown virtual reality porn for the first time. “Everyone is talking about it, hardly anyone has seen it: Virtual Reality Porn,” WIRED relayed on their German site. “And because companies can hardly wait to get a large amount...

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