Virtual Sexology II, Female POV Inside Katie Morgan – BaDoink VR

This is the second video from our Virtual Sexology series. Instead of focusing on the mystery, “What do women want?” we ask a question that’s far more revealing: “How do women want?” This video is the first to address women’s desire in an entirely novel way, bridging the gap between education and entertainment, and providing a hands-on approach to discovering sexual empowerment.

Sensate focus is a sexual exercise protocol developed by Masters & Johnson for couples and individuals. The focus is on sensation, never orgasm or performance. Ask yourself, “what feels good?”

He firmly rubs your feet, in between your toes, while caressing and kissing.

“I want to see more of you,” he says. “I want to untie your robe.”

He does so and you can see your whole new naked body. Your boobs, which he caresses with his strong hands.

He takes his clothes off to feel closer to you. His dick is really hard and he gets it real close to your face. You can suck it if you want; it’s there for you.

“Your pussy is so nice and wet,” he says while playing with it. “Let me have it a little bit.”

He enters you in missionary. He thrusts deep inside you while your legs are spread wide open.


Part Two of Virtual Sexology focuses on self-pleasure. Your host this time is the very hot Katie Morgan.

“I can never decide if you’re more beautiful with your clothes on or off,” she admits while sitting in her underwear across from you. “You know, I’m going to want to take those pretty panties and bra off of you, but before we do that let’s find out what really turns you on.”

Katie guides you through breathing exercises, while firmly touching you and helping you with your kegels.

“Let’s get undressed,” she whispers in your ear. “How do you like to be touched? Gentle or rough?”

Katie takes your underwear off and begins to touch your clit, but this is only the first step! Bringing out matching toys, she guides you through mutual masturbation, going in crescendo patterns according to your own rhythm.

Virtual Sexology is all about pleasure. You’re here to explore your own body while you get a sense of what you like. Either by yourself or with a partner. Watch this helpful and hot scenes from a female POV and just listen your mind and body. Have fun!


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