The VR Girlfriend Experience with Amirah Adara – BaDoink VR

It’s always hard to get out of bed in the mornings. Luckily, when you’re dating a girl like Amirah Adara, you don’t have to!

Amirah wakes up, her head resting on your chest. She kisses you good morning and gets up, but let’s face it, you could use another five minutes of sleep. She comes back into the room wearing her bathrobe and takes your blanket away. She knows you well enough that she’s aware you won’t stay awake without some extra motivation.

“I like to wake you up like this,” she says before seductively getting out of her robe. She climbs on the bed, standing up by your feet. She takes her bra off and turns around to show you her spectacular booty; the panties just slide off as she gets closer to you, pointing her ass towards you so you can feel it while she fingers herself.

Just a bit of teasing is enough. Amirah starts to jerk you off while she talks dirty to you. Before you know it, she’s licking your dick all over; sucking it with the tenderness only a loving girlfriend can provide.

“I wanna feel your dick inside my pussy,” she states while climbing on top of you. She plays with her clit while she rides you, circling around your cock and building up to an explosive orgasm. She comes again and again; it’s what you do to her.

Amirah takes your hands and places them on her perky boobs; she takes your fingers and sucks on them sweetly. Then, she’s got something to show you: Standing up on her feet, but bending over fully, she can get that booty really close to you while at the same time giving you another blowjob. Just enjoy the amazing view that is Amirah sucking your dick while her pussy and asshole are right above you.

If you wanna see that butt while you’re inside of her, you’re in luck, because Amirah’s ready to ride you in a reverse cowgirl position now. You’ve made her come so many times, she wants you to know it’s your turn now.

Live the full girlfriend experience in virtual reality, as this gorgeous brunette gives you the best immersive morning sex you’ll find on VR. Whenever you’re ready, just fill that tight pussy with a big creampie. As Amirah would put it, she loves to feel your cum inside her.

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