Accepting Applications VR Porn Video
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  • 3D
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  • 180°
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Accepting Applications

Starring: Karla Kush

Duration: 40 min

Tags: Blonde Blowjob Hairy Small Tits Squirting 180 Pornstar Stockings Babe

Karla Kush needs a new dick in every city, but her reputation precedes. Guys literally line up outside her hotel for the chance to get a taste of that sweet pussy any time she’s in town. Things got so out of hand, she had to switch to online application forms. Last night you submitted your dick pic and today, you woke up with a response - just her room number and a time. When you show up, everything’s exactly the way you’d hoped it would be. Karla is sporting a sexy pencil skirt and stockings. When she demands that you strip down and lay on her bed, you know it’s on. Let this blonde slut gag on your dick and ride you until you’re ready to shoot your hot cum all over her.

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